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Legado is available on Abades Areas

13 de February de 2018 0 Comentarios
Hacienda de Colchado brings Legado closer to you, which you can enjoy and buy at the Abades service areas, in a place of the store specialized in exclusive products. These service areas can be found throughout Andalusia, so you can buy those special souvenirs for your loved ones on the road. According to the Evooleum Guide, Legado is one of the 100 best EVOO of the world. That is why we want to make easier for you to buy the suitable...

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Legado Award Líderpack Evoo

30 de October de 2016 0 Comentarios
premio_almargen_legado_liderpack2016 Once again we can applaud our efforts! The packaging of our EVOO ‘Legado’ has been awarded at the ‘Liderpack’ competition with the Premium Pack award for the best presentation of a product in the medium-high standard range. The advertising agency ‘Al Margen Comunicación’ responsible of the whole design had the idea of presenting our product ‘Legado’ to ‘Liderpack’ since these are the most notorious awards held in...

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«I have tasted Legado Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the truth is that it is great, I recommend»

« Legado extra virgin olive oil is great, I had the chance to try it and it's great»

«Hacienda de Colchado olive oils not disappoint, great to take in raw food or cooking with them»

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(Español) Legado y Experience, Plata y Oro en LAIEVOOC - Hacienda de Colchado

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